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LoftyBot functions described - Lofty Admin - 07-25-2021

Choosing OTS client

Choose from many OTS. Use the auto detect function to automatically detect the appropriate one. Loftybot supports all clients from 7.4 to the latest tibia

[Image: choose-client-screen-loftybot.png]


Select a position and make the bot take care of automatic fishing. Eat each type of food within a certain number of seconds.
Set the character to move so that he does not log out. Throw magic walle against escaping opponents.

[Image: extras-screen-loftybot.png]


Attack all monsters automatically, without wasting time setting up. Use a spell or selected runes to attack.
Use the aimer to shoot runes at the selected target.
[Image: attacker-screen-loftybot.png]
Automate frequently written words and sentences.
Swim fast between cities.
Sell and buy items without writing.
The macros will appear on the screen as colored blocks with assigned names.
[Image: macros-screen-loftybot.png]

Use hotkey healing in old tibia. Automatically use various types of spells depending on the value of life, mana or time

[Image: spells-screen-loftybot.png]

Create runes of your choice along with blank runes. Use different runes or fluids to heal or replenish your mana. Drink mana fluids on old tibia with hotkey

[Image: runes-screen-loftybot.png]

Turn on alarms to get voice signals depending on the situation. You can create runes in front of the house and set up an escape to the house when someone appears on the screen.
[Image: alerts-screen-loftybot.png]
Its not all tabs here. There is more functions !