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Full Version: Loftybot V2 Features All Clients 7.1 OTS - RL Tibia 11 bot
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[Image: promocja_bota2.jpg]

Finally Loftybot comes with version 2!
Of course every one who has active subscription could download new V2 version.

Always undetectable
Always feel safe.
Loftybot not send any packets to tibia client. No read from memory any values.

Multi OTS
Loftybot works on all from 7.4 OTS to RL 

Always works
No needed addresses from client which are changed after OTS update. All other bots always have few days till.

Clear flat design, great user experience and easy to use.

People spend hours making scripts and setting up bots. With LoftyBot You can save up this time.

Updates and Help
Updates weekly, Bot will be developed much more. Always got support and ask if something is not clear.

[Image: gif_loftybot3.gif]

Feature list:
-Fully Undetectable
-Multi OTS working
-Spells Healer
-Runes Healer
-Spell caster
-Amulets/Rings/Items Equiper
-Monsters attacker
-Auto walker
-Full Rune maker
-Slime Trainer
-Save/load settings
-Display HUD on screen
-Great whole new design
-Macros (like persistent hotkeys HUD's)

OTS support list

LoftyBot Videos showcase

Buying Loftybot You are assured that the bot will be improved and updated every few days. Always feel free to write for help and assistance.

Join us - check subscription plans!
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Downloads Section
where is download ?
Looks awesome
(03-04-2018, 03:16 PM)Marysia Wrote: [ -> ]Looks awesome

And it is :Big Grin Approved Big Grin
suported battleye?
supported .it has not even to pass battleye
work on
Will u fix lofty for New Voidcore client (OTC) is supported, right?
I have tried now. Classictibia works like before - button others. Voidcore works

I have a question on the classic, a new ( OT Client ) is coming or will this bot work with him.
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