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Lofty client randomly closes
Lofty will randomly close in mid fight. it will stay up for hours if I don't use it and just attach it but as soon as I go to use it, it will work 15 mins or so then closes. ill restart it and sometimes it will close the very next fight. I have noticed that it seems to do it more when I use runes or spells to fast.
u mean loftybot stop running ? or what
(12-03-2018, 02:29 PM)Lofty Admin Wrote:  u mean loftybot stop running ? or what

Yes it just stops and closes itself. I have to reopen it and load my setting again before I can use it.
I believe I figured out why it does it but dont know how to fix it. It happens when I'm using the auto UH and the use SD with hotkey if both the runes get used at the same time lofty crashs.
ok i will see whats going on

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