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Loftybot always works on all 7.4 OTS - RL Tibia 11 Even after OTS update

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How make it working - regards old 1.x versions
im also having trouble with darkot, spells keep healing me even tho i set it to heal bellow 70% it keeps healing me when im full hp, did set hp properly and also did set region properly
Good night, I signed it but I'm having difficulty recognizing hp, the error when I press the pause / break and does not recognize the client when it opens ... I'm using windows 10 64bits and playing the Brazilian client Nostalrius ... if I can give an attention, I thank you. I sent you my private email for when you are online to access and see what is happening ...
Hye guys,

Quick question. I set rune making as shown on the picture (left side, 4 is BP with blank runes, 5 empty BP. However when the bot takes blank rune and make GFB it doesnt take it back to that empty BP. The crusor is moving but the GFB rune remains in my characters left hand. Message says "sorry, not possible".

Help would be apreaciated
bot is not run on windows xp ;/;/ please repair
Hello .. Good evening,
I'm having trouble using the bot on the Nostalrius server.
I set everything right and he uses magic with a full life. Need help !
And if I activate the auto heal, I can not walk the letters.
Hello, im trying to use it in classictibia and it simples wont work, didnt find hp and when i try to do it manualy keeps doing nothing
used new client?
if new client then click classictubua button
if old clien then click others button
(07-28-2018, 12:58 PM)Lofty¬†Admin Wrote:  used new client?
if new client then click classictubua button
if old clien then click others button

Where did i found the new client ? O.o just one cliente avaible for download in the download center... Anyway, tried in the other way and keep receiving messages like incorrectt collor, changing the code every time

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