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Loftybot always works on all 7.4 OTS - RL Tibia 11 Even after OTS update

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How make it working - regards old 1.x versions
Hello Lofty, can you help me to fix the runemaker bot on medivia pendulum server? Thank you in future.
of course , have u rode tutorial? how to help u?

Bought the bot today, but the bot doesn't recognize my hp correctly. I tried it automaticly and manually (by clicking on hp bar) but it doesn't work, both.
By automatic I get this error: "I don't see Medivia Client and HP Bar"
By manually I can't even click on the HP Bar. It doesn't do anything.

Can you tell me what I'm doing wrong?
Thank you for your reply.
Still the bot doesn't automatically recognize my tibia cliënt.
Also, when pointing manual, I'm getting the message "You hit the wrong position not on HP Bar red color".
I pm'd you my id and pass yesterday. Do you have any idea what it could be?
Bot is not working with more than 2 Tibia clients ?! I see my mouse is moving to eat food, so I can not make anything on my computer while using this BOT?
Please respond !
Thank you

Ps. If I would like to resign from this bot can u refund my cash? I had no option to check this so I had to buy it...
Yes I refund If u not satisfied. of course
I can't get anything to work with DarkOT

Im playing on Medivia, i want to use aimbot.

There is light, i chose my monster in redsquare, already chose the F1 and "set done" but nothing happens.
And for the fast aim, i chose my F1, then set done and press END button to grab the HMMS but does nothing...
can't get it to work on DarkOT either

did all the steps necessary including the file exchange in the System32 folder - yet not work, maybe I'm missing on something but would be grateful for any advice (I won't do the Teamviewer hustle)

still apreciating your work

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