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Loftybot is simple and fast - Run and play

Loftybot is the safest bot - No connection with client, sending packets etc

Loftybot always works on all 7.4 OTS - RL Tibia 11 Even after OTS update

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How make it working - regards old 1.x versions
How make it working 100%:
It takes 5 seconds to make it working If You read this or tips in bot

1. First step Look in help image in bot, your setting in medivia client must be the same like in help img(means hp bar in same place, battlelist, bps..)

2. After loading bot it will check If OTS client which one You chosen is opened in screen ( It searchs for HP bar exactly ) . If everything is ok. there will be a messege appeared ( pointed correctly ) , if not then click on ‘Auto Point HP’ button

3. Third step Mark Tibia Region - need to do this for functions:
- uh/ih heal
- spear(items) picker 

Only thing is to put spell and value then check checkbox - working

Put values and check checkbox
-If You run for example alarm function it may takes max to 15 seconds - cause function are call in interval of time

It use battle list so make sure it is one same position how in help screen

Aim Rune
#Aim Rune
Auto aim rune to target will work if there is a day or use utevo lux/soure of light. Bot must see read square around target.
Set hotkey and make sure, U got HMM/SD in opened BP. After pressed hotkey bot will shoot rune on target.

#Walker Add marks to your tibia minimap in sequence, starting from green approved mark. Firstly make 2 marks. Then click load marks. Bot will click on minimap to make your character walking.
You can add up to 6 marks.

Rune Maker
#Rune Maker
Look carefully to help image again to make it work

If U do it first time and got problems dealing with.
1. U have to point auto hp then u open BPs like this on screen.
2. Its 4 BP for blank. BP 5 for put runes.
3 . Make tibia active - click on medivia window and wait for make rune

#RunesActions - UH/IH Healer works after ‘Marked Tibia Region’

#SlimeTrainer - Mouse move to the position where slimes children reaching to your character and then hit INSERT button - this will be a point where bot will be mark and attacking Slimes.
- Main thing is Your battlelist must be opened, bot must see in battlelist if monster is attacked, better to sort it by distance
- Another tip is it points Slimes still in the same place so take care of such a place that the mother does not change position or bot will mark mother
- Slime trainer will be improved in next updates

Spear(items) picker
#picker - works after ‘Marked Tibia Region’
- It move mouse to position in interval of time and pick items right to left hand

- It move mouse to positions in interval to fish in recorded positions. You can pause it by uncheck fishing or Hotkey DELETE

#hotkeys- works after ‘Marked Tibia Region’. It will instant use item from inputted bp on character. If U use Drink MP hotkey it will drink from inputted bp and scroll bp down automatically to drink from whole bp
really great working cavebot after updates
where i can download it >
Download Section
Im with problems, the bot works only with directx or open gl???

The window "Point Hp" i mark a point in my hp bar and press pause, but in first moment works, in 3 or 5 seconds Actual Hp and Actual Mp goind down

I dont know whats is happening, i watched and did exactly the same as the video, please help me
Bot working on opengl and directx

yea its going down its normal cause window tibia is not active. its no problem it will read imediately if u make tibia active
bot not working for me, need help
firstly read tutorial then describe problem
The cavebot its working? If i click in auto-attacker, he will attack all creatures?  Tried yesterday configure a setpoint to in rookgard to hunt but doesnt works.
please read instructions and tooltips there is everything described. it works if u make properly 2 steps firstly

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