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Tibiascape - Janne - 08-31-2020

Please fix bot for

RE: Tibiascape - Kanapka - 09-08-2020

(08-31-2020, 02:40 PM)Janne Wrote: Please fix bot for

Is there bot to Tibiascape ?

RE: Tibiascape - Defensivemode - 09-08-2020

yes make it work for this... i wanna play this OT as well tired of the others this is a brand new one it has 2 servers and new records by the hour on here.

RE: Tibiascape - Kanapka - 09-08-2020

IF bot will works at Tibiascape i will buy it make us know it Smile

RE: Tibiascape - Wakka - 09-26-2020

Yes make it work for this ot please!

RE: Tibiascape - Kanapka - 10-22-2020

Still no bot to tibiasscape ?

RE: Tibiascape - Black Diamond - 10-23-2021

would be great to have a bot for this old tibia server

it's great

the only issue is the owner of the server bjorn is an absolute asshole can't stand him

i am afraid he makes people want to quit he has no people skills and he is a bit crazy in his brain