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Full Version: ROTS
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return of sayians works this on this ots? i buy only for this
Not working for me in the latest update
NOT WORKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
IT depends on characters. I added more to detection. I have seen i didnt add all and need to fix that.

What you can do if not working . Just replace image in folder images/help hp_img_rots_bmp . Its image where HP bar starts near character picture left top od screen. Id you cant just download teamviewer and send me id and password to

New upeate will be in 2 days
Bierzesz 40zł/msc za bota. Dodaj opcje w nim do wyboru, a nie zmuszasz uzytkownikow do edycji. Myslalem ze chociaz bedzie heal'owal, biegał na spocie, robil trening, cokolwiek. Nie dziala totalnie nic, czuje sie oszukany Wink Robisz na pałe, nic nie przetestujesz, byle wrzutka na swoja strone i sciaganie kasy z ludzi. Zenada
(01-25-2020, 08:38 AM)Lofty Admin Wrote: [ -> ]

Hello Admin, could you please enlighten me on why TRAINING in Return of the Saiyan is not working? I just spent several minutes of training stamina trying to configure but failed... Healing does not work since RotS spells and healing spells only works via hotkeys.

Could you please sent me some Settings that i can work with?

Your work is great keep it up but check some things first