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Full Version: Return of The Saiyans
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If it is possible plz help me with Return Of The Saiyans, i buy subscription but bot doesn't wokr on this server,
me too
@Loft Admin
Well this is nothing work on this ots. In healing options there is only mana burn on hotkey and this is only one thing that work(all spells is toggled to hotkey, not spell by "say"). Attacker didnt work, its spam click on battle list, and the last click is unclick target, spell with hotkey didnt work..... So its gonna be fix or i want my money back, becouse this program dont support this ots at all.
clicking spam on rots was fixed. all spells u could put in words in inputs like "exura" and hotkeys like F1 F2 HOME buttons etc - check in settings tab hotkeys