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Full Version: kasteria 8.0 dont see hp bar
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you announce that the bot works with 8.0
I bought a bot for 5 days and it does not work .. does not see hp bars
what should I do..?

[Image: lvSopKd.jpg]
I have the same problem, have you managed to fix it?

ok changing the scaling in windows screen settings to 100% (I had 125%) fixed it
yes. like he wrote. change to 100%
Is the problem again appear ?
[Image: pedro.png]
clicked mastercores? its working normally just checked
Hello, I am able to launch the bot at Kasteria (with 100% scaling) but the attacker function is not working. "Auto Attacker" is on but it does not attack any monsters (I have battle list open). 
Please help.
I have tried using "Other" & MasterCores.
I will cancel my subscription until you fix this.
having this same problem Smile