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Full Version: Adding custom foods to eat
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Loftybot could eat all types of food. Here You will see how to achieve that in easy way. 
Tibia contains so much kinds of food nowadays. Many new custom food graphics were created on OTS.
In LoftyBot - extras tab, You could see 4 types of food. You can assign other food to each one.

[Image: Capture_036.jpg]

All images of foods are stored in LoftyBot folder/img/foods. Check it now.
Ok lets name eating new fishes in Medivia OTS. Open BP with new fishes and and press Print Sc(Print screen) on keyboard.

[Image: Capture_026.jpg]

Now open Paint program.

[Image: Capture_027.jpg]

If we have opened Paint then type CTRL + V to paste our image to Paint. On the top left click on select tool and zoom in view to the fishes.

[Image: Capture_028.jpg]

Zoom it quite heavily like on screen below, make sure selection is on only on a piece of food not on the number (cause number could change and it would not detect food).

[Image: Capture_030.jpg]

Click on the selection and select crop.

[Image: Capture_031.jpg]

We have our small piece of fish as image so press CTRL + S to save it like that to our folder with foods. You can save it as Fishes.bmp or Ham.bmp etc... Names must match with these orginally in folder. You can for example save image of cheese as Meat.bmp and it will eat cheese.

[Image: Capture_032.jpg]