LoftyBot - Tibia Bot. Supports all OTS 7.4 - RL 11

Full Version: LoftyBot OTS support list
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Loftybot works on all OTS 7.4 - till 11+ RL Tibia (Like any other bot ever):

LoftyBot works 100% on all kinds of OTS listed below and all others.
There is only possibility if  a completely new ots will be created (with new unusual client design) it may not work. 

However bot is still adopted to all new OTS clients design. 
Of course If You play on with uncommon client appearance feel free to ask if it works on this particular OTS. If not it will be fixed quickly 

You can switch between above listed servers at any time !  Smile 

Custom Clients
7.8-8.0 Tibia OTS 10.0+ like Tibia OTS 7.4-7.6 Tibia OTS
Tibijka OTS OTS
Medivia OTS
Relembra OTS
Nastarius OTS
Nostalrius OTS
Tibianus OTS
Darkot OTS
Melindria OTS
LetsWar OTS
do you repair bot on this server started on July 9, time is important ...
I bought sub for 5 days and I was disappointed that it did not work ...
Currently not working on, I also bought sub for 5 days and couldnt use the bot
someone knows if it works on
I recently purchased the bot and I'm having some issues with which is on the supported list. I have looked at the tutorials. I am able to enter LoftyBot under "Other" as I do not see the tibia-old server on the list. I then am able to point to my hp and mark my region. Under the "MC" section I can see that the client ID is there with "Tibia Old Client - You are now gainin" under the title section. The  only thing that seems to be working is the auto cast function when MP > %. I did set my tibia client as demonstrated in the help files and videos. I have not tried all features. I do know the auto-quip ring is not working, the auto-walk function, nor is the auto detect player working.
I'm primarily looking to log out when player is detected on the screen or use the walk function when player is detected on screen. Thanks for any help.
Need help with  don't see hp its 8.0 version "custom client"
Can u check ur bot on new client? Please check and do some tutorial how can i use ur bot on priogames client.

Im playing Nostalrius New server, started a few days ago. It's on the supported list but im getting problems with the attack function. Clicks on the battle list goes well sometimes but with some creatures it really don t work. Doesn t attack the monster. Help!!!
this bot working od Dragon Ball Victory?
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