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Loftybot always works on all 7.4 OTS - RL Tibia 11 Even after OTS update

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Loftybot V2 Features All Clients 7.1 OTS - RL Tibia 11 bot
Probably it will work, cause it works on all ots. if they changed client its only half an hour to adopt new changes. Anyway it will work
Hi! When does looting come? Makes it alot more functional. Smile
Nearly cooming
HI ADM, sorry for my bad english, I bought last week, had many problems while learning to use,i like the attacker options, so I could not use the auto target, the target looked at a sqm over the character targeted, i need a option to use mana fluid, have only mana potion, thx! i play on recordera.org !! thx!
u can use any rune/mana potion/fluid etc - use rune/mana on self option
Hi my auto attack and slime traniner dont works, can someone help me pls?

I play at the nostalrius.

hi I play on mastercores and the auto pick up function in training does not work properly, I checked everything was done correct but it kept dragging stones into the leg slot not hand. tried to adjust but cant.
Funciona para mastercores??
hello this is working on classicus but can you please help me trough teamviewer admin? to fix so my char logs out whenever anybody comes on screen.. need this for my maker
mastercores works
works from 2.2.4 classicus

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