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Loftybot is simple and fast - Run and play

Loftybot is the safest bot - No connection with client, sending packets etc

Loftybot always works on all 7.4 OTS - RL Tibia 11 Even after OTS update

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LoftyBot - Medivia Bot Features

Lofty-tibiabot bot for all TIBIA OTS 7.4 - 8.0 mainly Medivia | Tibijka | DarkOT | Nastarius OTS 

Loftybot- Always works! - SIMPLE / UPDETECTABLE / MULTI OTS 

OTS support list

Loftybot works on all OTS 7.4 - 8.0:
- Medivia OTS (after update 2.0 - new client)
- Nastarius OTS
- Tibijka OTS
- Tibianus OTS
- Darkot OTS
- Classictibia.com 
- Raretibia.com
- Dolnera.com
- play.tibians.org
- tibians.org
- zagansquare.eu
- All others OTS with client look (like official) or otclient (custom client)

You can switch between above listed servers at any time !

Bot works on all 64/32 bits windows.

Lofty bot is fully undetectable. Bot is written in a completely innovative way provides simulate mouse movements and keyboard press.

Actually there is no other bots for this server becouse they got really high level of security so do not trust other websites and people.

It will never be good as elfbot or other great bots due to the way of working and functioning. Despite this Lofty bot works, maybe not perfect but very good and will work all the time.

[Image: bot_img.jpg]

-Multi OTS working
-Spells Healer
-UH Healer
-Spell caster
-Monster attacker
-Auto walker
-Full Rune maker
-Slime Trainer
-Auto eater
-Anty idle
-Spear(items) picker
-Auto equiper

Buying Loftybot You are assured that the bot will be improved and updated every few days. Moreover U got assistance with running bot and other its functionalities.
Join us - check subscription plans!
Feel free to message us.
Subscription is assigned to one computer.
Please read how to use or read tips in bot carefully before first use!


Checkout newest version
I bought the bot.
but I do not know how it works.
could make some tutorials?
there is nothing complicated but i will make video about
Hey Admin.

Does this bot work for MAC users?
I dont have Windows here.

Waiting your answer to buy it.
nice . everything working . need little bit better cavebot and awesome
(10-20-2016, 06:05 PM)Maja Wrote:  nice . everything working . need little bit better cavebot and awesome

for me only mana trainer is working.. is there a certain resolutioin i need to set screen?
ive copied image.dll alrdy
Please read http://lofty-tibiabot.com/Thread-How-make-it-working and download newest version

You would have any resulution of screen U want.
Does it work when client is hidden ?

Any scans pls?
(10-23-2016, 05:04 PM)Musssisz Wrote:  Does it work when client is hidden ?

Any scans pls?

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