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Loftybot always works on all 7.4 OTS - RL Tibia 11 Even after OTS update

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Is this working on letswar.net?
1.I would like to buy bot but before i wanna ask you boiz is that bot working on letswar.net? Its old realistic-war. Is someone playing with it there?
2.Will this bot work on every OT i want to run like all 7.4 OTs and 8.0? Or there is list of ots that i cant play with it?
3.Was someone banned playing with this bot? I want to use just aimbot like sd on hotkey and uhs manas thats all and is aimbot working properly? Doesnt miss like 10/10 SDs ? will i rekt everyone with it Big Grin?
It works.
I have tested on this ots today.
Cannot be detected 100%.

Today I will make videos how it works ^^
Thats super Smile If it works on ot like letswar and nostalrius ( big ots 7.4) so it will works everywhere i think Big Grin
Ye u were right its working on letswar.net and its working perfectly, uh and manas superino except sd, sometimes i hit sd but mostly bot missing SDs. I saw my mouse isnt even on center of target its above his head u know like on other square. Will you improve it or u dont care about it Big Grin
I know it miss, I will do it , have u used rune aimer where is written "this aimer would works always"?

I wil improve auto aimer
Nah i did use this first one "aim target by" and u can choose sd or hmm.
I tried to use this last one where is written this aimer would works always but when im trying to attach client i have error like this


I didnt want to spam your mailbox with errors and how to fix it xD would be awesome if you help me with it Big Grin
aaa ok it would be fixed in hour
Okey thanks man Smile Reply when it will be working Big Grin ill chekc it then
Yup its working better when im aiming them with my mouse Smile btw is there any chance to set hotkey on mouse ? i mean mouse button4 and 5 ?
Will do it in next update xd

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