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Loftybot is simple and fast - Run and play

Loftybot is the safest bot - No connection with client, sending packets etc

Loftybot always works on all 7.4 OTS - RL Tibia 11 Even after OTS update

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Extra details about the bot
Ive watched the features video and read the features thread but there are a few things I could not find answers for. Stuff thats important to know before making a purchase.

1. I read the bot uses mouse/keyboard simulation, does this mean the client must be on screen for the bot to function?

2. Can the bot traverse rope/hole/stairs etc
3. When will looting be added? Its a pretty important feature
4. Will the ability to run multiple bot instances be added?
5. Can the attacker use runes?
6. Does the bot read any memory addresses or is it purely image search based
Personal question: If 7 is a no, why don't you? Does medivia have any anti-bot funtionality?
1.Yes bot must be on the screen all time, otherwise it won't work. That's why best way is to use a sandbox(Vmware) aka virtual machine.
2. Doesn't use rope and cavebot is very basic, I tried to set it up, didn't work as I imagined it would, hence I don't use it.
4.There's an option to change Medivia client's title, however I tried it and didn't work. I asked Lofty for help and I am waiting for him to respond.
5. Just auto attack.
6. I believe it's autoit so image search based.
7. I think Medivia hasn't got any anti-bot functions, just the snitches who may record you and report.

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