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Loftybot is simple and fast - Run and play

Loftybot is the safest bot - No connection with client, sending packets etc

Loftybot always works on all 7.4 OTS - RL Tibia 11 Even after OTS update

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Does it even work?
By the language being used in your GUI I assume that you might have trouble understanding my post, if you'd like me to speak some other langue - like Polish or German - let me know.

I've tried running your software on classicus (i've also tried chosing nostalrius, its pathetic that you ask your customers to do such things), but none of the function works.
The first error I get is the message that there are more than one client active (even tho its obviously not, i even tried to close all folders with similar name to the client's, but to no avail), then it is having trouble detecting my hp, when it eventually detected it (after I swapped .bmp[pathetic pt II]) it didn't bother to make runes as I tried to. After messing with it for a few minutes (I'm not talking about actual 'runemaking" time, because it never did a single rune, it only moved my cursor a bit) the program crashes and you have to reattach it again.

I won't even try running your cavebot, because I'm pretty sure it will go to crap after a first waypoint.

Are you up to fix this so it will be actually capable of shooting and making runes, or will you be better off refunding my money - you have time till today 5PM CET, after that im issuing a refund on paypal.
im with you on this i bought 3 versions cause trainer worked fine for me, so i thougth run a few copys set up cave bot pressed play and stood still for 15 mins till battle logged

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